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 Data + Inspire = Dataspire


We inspire and empower educators to teach and work with data confidently, so that they inspire and empower their students with critical 21st century data skills.


🚀Ignite Data Literacy in Your Classroom

Embark on a guided journey to enhance your teaching skills in data literacy over the next 30 days. We offer in-person and/or online professional learning opportunities.

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📖Expand Your Data Literacy Toolkit

Discover effective strategies and a wealth of resources to expand your toolkit in teaching data literacy skills to students in grades K-12.

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💡Shape Your Product with Support

Refine your programming focused around building science literacy and the process of science to leverage research-based practices for building students’ data skills.

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🧑‍🤝‍🧑Enhance Your Projects with Evaluation

Elevate your projects, whether you're starting out or years in, by leveraging Dataspire's expert process and/or outcome evaluation services.

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Getting Started Popular Offering

FREE Strategy Share-Outs

A FREE 75-minute interactive online gathering that will give you:

  • Our #1 hack for helping students FIND PATTERNS IN DATA.
  • The ultimate framework for getting students to make better CERs FROM DATA.
  • Your roadmap to LEVERAGE DATA & TIME in your instruction to build skills and content understanding.
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Building Momentum Popular Offering

Bootcamp - data literacy series

A 3-day summer (or distributed across 8-weeks in the Fall) crash course that will give you a concrete understanding of common tripping points students have with data and strategies to use tomorrow to overcome them.

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Gaining Comfort Popular Offering


Confusion to Clarity: 3 Steps to Master Graphing

In less than 4-hours tackle the what, why, and how to make the common K-12 graph types using whatever platform/software you prefer so that your students can start to rock graphing.


What People Are Saying

Our teachers' and schools’ success speaks volumes.

"Your workshops broke down the topics into manageable, comprehensible bundles -- providing both strategies and techniques for me to better assist my students in making sense of data."

Bob G., TN

Grade 5 Teacher

"Data presentation has become a non-issue in the classroom.  Students know how to assess the data in front of them and come to a conclusion about how to represent it graphically."

Jackie K., NJ

High School Science Teacher

"We enjoyed how we can apply all of this into everything we do!"

Grace S., CA

Middle School Assistant Principal

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What Drives Us


We believe that K-12 educators are the KEY puzzle piece to preparing our students for the data-driven 21st century. Through Dataspire™: inspiring data & science literacy we offer programs, share resources, consult on products, and evaluate projects to work towards a more data and science literate society.


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To empower the next generation, learners are our end users through our various projects and partnerships.



We scale up to school and district wide initiatives to effect practice and foster long-term learning communities.



We have worked in the fields of education, data, science, and science communication for over 20 years in a variety of situations.

Our work and contributions to the field of education has been featured alongside industry leaders such as OpenSciEd, EDC, Friday Institute: HI-RISE, DataClassroom and many more.

What Other Folks Say

"These strategies have been lens-changing for me and my staff."      

Hannah B., IL

STEM Learning Designer

"Getting my students to go beyond just plotting the bar or line graph was SO hard. But now they are able to articulate their ideas more easily and can extrapolate from the data!"

Naomi W., NY

Middle School Science Teacher

"Kristin is PHENOMENAL. Even in a virtual space, she created a welcoming and engaging experience."

Monique F., AZ

Education & Outreach Manager

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