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Suggestions of Other Resources

We believe strongly in NOT reinventing the wheel when it comes to teaching with data. Therefore, we work to share the great resources that we find with you, as well as the resources we develop!

Have you played Charty Party yet?

We LOVE it!!

To play ourselves AND to get kids practicing data skills in fun/silly ways where they don’t think they are practicing the skills.

We arranged a 15% discount for all teachers/schools that we work with for getting your own copies of Charty Party All-Ages Edition (or any of their great games). Visit and use the discount code: DATASPIRE.



Check out our blog for:

  • suggested places to look for curriculum-relevant datasets or educational resources,

  • suggested tools to add to your toolkit when working with data,

  • suggestions for how to leverage research on what we know about how we learn from data into your classroom,

  • reviews of research articles and/or books, etc.

We also post many resources from projects, PD Workshops, In-School Trainings, and past evaluations for others to search, use, share, and adapt.

If there is another kind of resource you are looking for, let us know and we are happy to do what we can to help!