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In School/Organization Training

Help your students learn how to make sense of data & graphs!


We offer a range of professional development trainings to unpack what is involved in “Interpreting & Analyzing Data” by exploring:

  • Common struggles students have when working with data in STEM and Social Studies classrooms.

  • Approaches to help student new to data to succeed and what that means for our teaching.

  • Ways to integrate data into all curricula to help students improve their work in NGSS, CCM, and 21st Century skills.

What do we offer? 

MEETING YOUR DATA NEEDS (hours & pricing TBD)  

Do you have a data initiative going on at your school? Looking for a little more tailored support for your needs? We offer programming that is flexible to match what you are looking for what you are already working on with your teachers. Contact us to start a conversation about what it could look like in your school.


Looking for an introduction to data literacy concepts, start here! We discuss the cognitive steps that we go through when looking at and understanding data and how we can use that information to inform our teaching with data.


Looking to help your students do better with data exploration, interpretation, and communication? We explore what cognitive and data science research, as well as classroom experience, tells us about how to best support students gaining better skills exploring, interpreting, and communicating with data.

Note - Can be run as one 3-hour session or three 1-hour sessions.


From start to end, do you want to support your students working with and learning from data? We explore the basics of six common areas that trip up students that are new to using data and do hands-on activities to put ourselves in our students’ shoes to think of what we can adjust in our teaching to help our students develop these skills.

Note – Can be run as one 6-hour session, two 3-hour sessions, or three 2-hour sessions.


Want to integrate data literacy skills into all aspects of your teaching? We dive fully into six common areas that trip up students when learning through data. Each workshop includes tips and tricks of integrating data literacy into what you already do, hands-on activities, and time to modify activities for your classroom that address the data literacy skill.

Note – Can be run as three 6-hour sessions or six 3-hour sessions.


How does it work?

When are these offerings available?

We are available to run these professional development offerings in your school or school district during the school year (August through June) each year. Note, we typically do not offer school-based workshops in the July as we instead run teacher-specific summer offerings then. We can run the trainings before school, after school, and in the evenings. Whatever works best for your teachers!

How much do they cost?

Prices for each offering cover the total cost for the training for up to 25 participating teachers. If there are more than 25 participating teachers, there is an additional cost for additional teachers. Depending on the size of the group and location of the school small additional fees for materials and/or transportation may apply.

Can you customize the trainings for our needs?

Yes, we will work with your to tailor the trainings to best meet the needs of your teachers and district requirements. While we will not compromise the research-based work around working with data, we will adapt the trainings as much as possible to make the experience as meaningful as possible for your teachers.

What kinds of teachers can participate?

While data literacy skills are applicable to everyone! These offerings are especially helpful for teachers of social and natural sciences as well as math disciplines in grades 3-12.

Have more questions?

Contact us to learn more about bringing one of these offerings to your school/district!