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 What is Dataspire?

 Each year, there is a growing amount of data in our lives. However, employers report having difficulties hiring workers with the necessary skills to successfully work with these data (Harris, 2012).

Many of our daily decisions are impacted by science, whether we know it or not. Yet, less than half of Americans report that they understand what scientists actually do (Science & Engineering Indicators, 2014).

Therefore, we believe that every citizen, as informed members of our society and our democracy, needs to be data and science literate. Through Dataspire: inspiring data & science literacy we offer programs to work towards a more data and science literate society.

What do we aim to achieve?



Everyone is empowered to engage with data and science in their lives.


Dataspire inspires and excites stakeholders to be active citizens by enhancing data and science literacy.


  1. Enhance our ability to explore, read, and interpret data.

  2. Build our confidence in manipulating data in models and visualizations.

  3. Inspire critical thinking and ability to ask questions from data.


  • Collaboration as the key to success

  • Consistency in service

  • Optimism in making it possible

  • Passion for effecting change

  • Respect for others’ ideas and realities

* We aim to provide support for your efforts in teaching with data and data literacy, let us know how we can reach you best by completing this Online Communication Survey.


With whom do we work?

Through Dataspire offerings and projects, as well as collaborative projects with others, we work with the following Target Audiences to see change in the future in these Decision Makers.


We work with Educators and Administrators in grades 3-16. We work in informal and formal educational settings.


To increase confidence and competence in using data, and running STEM programs, by the students/youth, educators, and/or administrators.


How do we work to achieve our goals?

All of our offerings are focused around inspiring Data and Science Literacy and effective program implementation.

Data Literacy is an ability to collect, organize, visualize, interpret, analyze, and share data for yourself and other people to use and understand.

Science Literacy is an approach to building out awareness, enjoyment, interest, opinion-forming, and/or understanding of natural and social sciences as well as the process of science.

Flow Chart of Dataspire work from Goals to Desired Outcomes to Strategies to Measurements & Targets to Results and back to Goals. (coming soon)

Dataspire's Strategic Plan (2022-2027) (coming soon)