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Our Data Literacy Resources

We believe strongly in creating an open and inclusive approach to teaching with data. We seek to develop and share resources to increase confidence and competence in a range of areas.

Below are some of our most commonly used and/or requested resources. As a reminder, our materials are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.


Often times our learners are taught how to make different graph types, but are not taught why or when to use different graph types. This creates challenges as what graph type we use is completely dependent on the question we are asking and the kinds of data that we have.

We have developed a range of materials to use to help students to know where to start in selecting and reviewing graph types.


To review and use the different Graph Type Matrix resources, click here


The Building Blocks for Data Literacy Table is designed as a reference and discussion-starter for teachers and other educators as we all explore how to engage K-12 students with data. It is a draft — an ongoing work in progress that will evolve with input from readers.

To learn more and access the resources, click here.


Developing claims from data is different than from prose. We have developed a framework to think about key components that users need to integrate (Content, Visuals, and Data) to arrive at a Claim. Additionally we think through what are the cognitive steps that we take as we integrate these different components, and thus what are questions we can use to scaffold our learners ability to do this themselves.


Call explore the CER Capability Framework, click here.


Specific Data Skills Resources…

In addition, we provide focused resources on the following aspects of working with data:

 Other Resources to Explore…