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Evaluation Services

STEM Process & Outcome Evaluation


We conduct process and outcome evaluations of STEM programming, especially those focused around building science literacy and the process of science. Our specialty is process evaluation and we take a uniquely hands-on, integrated approach to it.

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Current Projects…

We are currently working on evaluations of the following projects:

People, Power, and Rivers: Social-ecological dynamics of hydroelectric development in northern Mongolia (NSF: IRES) – We assist with the science communication aspects of the internship for American and Mongolian graduate and undergraduate students to work together on independent research projects. We conduct formative and summative evaluation of the project. (internal evaluator, 2017-2021)

Fishadelphia (USDA, NJ Sea Grant) – We are develop science, science communication, and entrepreneurship curriculum for high school students as they develop and run their own Community Supported Fishery in Philadelphia, PA. We conduct process evaluation of the project. (internal evaluator 2016-2019, process evaluator 2020-2022)

Past Projects…

We conducted the evaluation of the following projects in the past:

Fisheries in R mini-course – A 4-week mini-course to learn how to code using RStudio for high school seniors. The students explored various ecological data for their final projects. (external evaluator, 2015-2017)

4-H STEM Ambassadors – Participating scientists to help translate their research into data-rich opportunities from high school students to engage with it and take it back to their communities. (internal evaluator, 2011-2017)

Project CONVERGE - (internal evaluator, 2014-15)

Project PARKA - (internal evaluator, 2013-14)